Thursday, March 7, 2013

master bath renovation progress update

"Don't let the perfect be the enemy of the good." ~Voltaire

This quote speaks to me in so many ways. The little perfection devil veers his ugly head in many aspects of my life and our home renovation was no exception.

I keep waiting to show "final" after photos of our finished spaces, but the problem is the spaces seem so far from finished to me. 

And you know what? That's okay. Part of blogging about the process was showing the process as it unfolds. (And even trying to enjoy said process if possible.) While our house is definitely finished from a livability stand point, it's still lacking so many of the layers that will turn it into a home with character.

While our master bath turned out amazing, it's still needs those finishing layers for it to seem a tad less sterile. But we are still ga-ga over how it turned out, don't get me wrong!

The master bath during construction...

And voila. Some shots of how it looks now. 

You can see that we still have some drywall repair work needing to be done. We changed our minds on how we wanted the sconces to flank the mirror and so the electrician had to go digging to move our wiring.

Do any of you remember that really boring post I did about thermostatic versus pressure-balanced shower valves. Ya, neither do I.

Our tub filler just came in a couple weeks ago after being on back order -- I ordered it at the beginning of August people!

This is where I will have a small make-up vanity niche.

I know it's silly, but I still get excited I get to use these faucets every day.

I really wish I had a shot of the small 1960's bathroom Bryce and I have been using for the past two years in our rental house. This bathroom was a huge upgrade for us!



  1. This bathroom is GORGEOUS! I'm obsessed with that chandelier! Such a perfect accent for the space. You picked out lovely finishes. A totally luxe retreat. Gosh, it sure is making me eye my old 1950s style yellow and blue tiled bathroom in a new light.

  2. Melissa is right, that chandelier is to die for, and you included a free standing tub - my current obsession (I just did a post about them). I love the natural blind behind it is a great contrast for all of the sleek finishes. Beautiful - enjoy.

  3. Lovely!! What a gorgeous bathroom! The chandelier is amazing! Where'd you find it?

    1. Thanks so much Dakota! I got it on Overstock ( :-) xo

  4. Could you share where you got the chandelier? It is just what I am looking for to put in my master bath!

    1. Hi Natalie! I actually purchased it on Overstock ( Good luck! xo

  5. This is all so beautiful! We're getting ready to take on our master bath and I have my eye on the same tub. My husband wants to go with a cheap acrylic one (Costco) but that's one thing I hate about the one we have now - the water doesn't stay warm. Do you think the V&A tub is better than acrylic for insulation?

  6. Looks fab! I especially like the tile and the openness of it. Seems really spacious.


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